Limousine cow

The Cros, Farmhouse situated in the natural park of the Garrotxa Volcanic Area is the origin of our project. It is based on two main aspects:

  • The Masía, old farmhouse in the heart of the park's natural volcanic area of la G​garrotxa. Where began the project and gets its name.
  • Organic livestock production, with a farm of cows Limousine. Production of quality beef and with respect to the environment, according to CCPAE rules.

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Video presentation

La nostra historia

Rural Tourism

Organic farming

Mas el Cros is a beef cattle exploitation. All the animals are Limousin breed, they live in freedom, grazing around the fields of the farm. Farm Calves are fattened on the farm following the principles of organic production.

Working Philosophy: Mas the Cros is based in two main livestock features:

  • Respect for Management and respect for the Environment.
  • Animal welfare.

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Limousin breed video

Carátula vídeo descubre la raza limousine

Respect for the environment

Animal welfare

From Mas el Cros you have at your disposal all the environment of "la Garrotxa" and Natural Park of Volcanic Zone; the best example of a volcanic landscape of the Iberian Peninsula and varied vegetation, often lush with oak, oak and beech forests of exceptional scenic value.

We can offer tours to the volcanoes Santa Margarida, Croscat Puigsubià, Rocanegra and others, and walks up to the Fageda d'en Jorda, on foot or horseback.

The environment at the village of Santa Pau, in the beautiful medieval castle in the middle, is five minutes from Mas el Cros, and just 12 minutes to Olot city.

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The Farm at TV3

Mas el Cros a TV3, paisatges de Catalunya

Natural Environment

Small towns

Animal welfare in organic production

One of the basic elements in the production of organic beef is animal welfare. Organic production farms have to ensure that the living conditions of the permit calves to express their natural behavior.

This means that cows need to be able to live in flocks, establishing close relationships and recognition with the other cows. At the same time, the calves must be able to live as they would live in nature ...

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Locavoros: local eaters

Locavore is a word that comes from the English (see the origins here) and was honored by the New Oxford American Dictionary as Word of the Year in 2007.

The Locavores are people who have the philosophy of eating foods grown or produced locally. When it is said locally ambiguity comes into play because the Garrotxa what could be considered the distance that separates us from Barcelona, about 120 or 130 km, depending on the area in the United States, whence comes this movement, consideration could be about 200 km or more.

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Organic Food

Video in defense of organic food. As they say: When you start eating organic, can not stop!

Mas the Cros at TV3, Catalan Landscapes
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